Tantric Massage London

Tantric massage London

Give Your Boy friend a Happy ending massage with the Professional Erotic Tantric Massage London

Just because you have never taken professional massage lessons does not mean that you can’t offer your boyfriend some incredible delights. We are talking about the Tantric Massage London W2, a method that was borrowed from the traditional Chinese and Japanese massage techniques.

Unlike women, men remain somehow indifferent to the idea of massage, as they prefer to skip the foreplay to get directly to the action. However, the experienced women know how important this moment is, and if your boyfriend seems unreceptive, you can try to convince him by proposing the Tantric Massage Central London

You can do this by using the practical, not the theoretical approach. The erotic massage London has an important role in sexual stimulation, and if it is made with imagination and patience, the result and the following orgasm will be spectacular.
London tantric massage

Start by choosing the right body lotion. You can browse the websites of the Tantric Massage London W2 centres that recommend some of the best solutions of this type. Even if men are not pretentious when it comes to flavours, they will feel a lot better if they like what they smell. Don’t be boring by using the classical cream or chocolate. The tantric massage in London is about stimulating the mind more than the body, and this can’t be obtained by using the classical cream or chocolate that will only stimulate the physical senses of your partner.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that men are more excited when they see their partner in action. This is why it is recommended to blindfold your partner, with a pillow under his head and thighs. So he could feel more relaxed.

Like in the case of Yoni massage, you should start with a relaxation outcall massage London, but don’t prolong the moment too much, as he might lose interest. In order to increase the sexual energy, don’t insist too much on the erogenous areas too much at the beginning.

Increasing the pace

When you feel that your partner is relaxed enough, you can get to the tantric massage London. Apply some oil on the testicles, pressing them a little. Avoid pressing too much and biting, as the area is an extremely sensitive one. Start massaging the penis, starting from the top to the bottom. For the beginning, the moves must be slow, and you can gradually increase the pace. Change the hand now and then. As you probably know, the head of the penis is really sensitive, and it requires special attention. Use slow, circular moves, and if you feel like the culminate moment is getting closer, stop. Prolong the moment for as long as you like, and finish in style, making sure that your boyfriend would never want another girl ever again.

Tantric massage in London

A special massage from ancient times

Our London sensual massage therapists can teach a man many things about himself. They can teach him that he actually possesses two bodies – the physical and the most cared for one, and the spiritual one. This second body, which most people have forgotten, is actually the most important one, because it makes us who we are, it defines our personality, it is our vital energy. And because we, as people, are oblivious to its existence, it becomes dimmer and dimmer, letting us become empty vessels.

This is what tantrism is about, about unifying these two bodies. About unifying them and thus integrating them into the universe.

Our therapists have many ways through which they can achieve that. All this methods have something in common – they are very pleasant and very erotic. Since many men confuse eroticism with something else, they can rest assured because they are wrong. At our London tantric massage centre clothes are indeed prohibited. In here, there is a lot of sexual touching, a lot of touching between the two sexes. But there is no penetration.

This is a barbaric pleasure. The real pleasure comes from the spirit, which prevents the body from exploding, from ejaculating. Eventually this will also happen, but until then the client can experience true orgasm.

This begins from the moment he enters our establishment, because even from then he is greeted with smiles and pleasant words. He is lead, just like a small child, to the bubbly bathtub, where he will be caressed and taken care of. When his skin is as soft as a baby’s, when he is comfortable with himself and the masseuse, our London sensual massage therapist will lead him to the massage table, where he can sit comfortably, with a small pillow under his head, so that he can see everything.

We know that men enjoy visual stimuli, that this is their normal way of getting aroused. That is why, as he sits on the massage table, the masseuse will take care of him while looking him in the eyes. The man will feel relaxed and comfortable, because he can see, but also because he is as close as it can be to a beautiful woman.

The eyes are the expression of a man’s spirit. And we promise you that, after a tantric massage London session, all men’s eyes will smile with happiness.

The Sanskrit word for penis is loosely translated with the expression “Wand of light”. What better way of describing this vessel through which life flows? Vital energy flows through it. But rest assured, because there is an infinite amount of energy in a man’s spiritual form.

Maybe this is the way through which these two bodies are connected – through the lingam, the spirit exits his incorporeal form and enters the physical world.

This kind of orgasm can happen many times over, with a level of intensity and a duration that cannot be explained in mere words.

That is why we urge every man to come and visit us. Besides the benefits of any regular massage, this special technique at our London tantric massage centre will help them realize what true pleasure is.

Come; visit us, as many times you want.

Masseuse Team

Yo-yo Lim

Tantra goddess

24 years old, Chinese girl
very good at tantra massage and tantric prostate massage.


Erotic Masseuse

Korean girl, 22years old.
I am your seductive, passionate minx with a wicked wit and untamed spirit. Highly creative, skilled, unpretentious and devoted to pleasing, be ready to commence an adventure once I make your acquaintance.

May Liu

Tantra goddess

Korean Girl, 23 Years old.
May is a confident woman who knows exactly what she wants! May is always in search of new experiences. She is an expert of Nuru massage and she also following the tantra traditional


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Tantric massage is a special evocative, desireable delicous erotic touch, to the whole body, sending sensual vibrations of tingles and memorable time. one hour of divine touch, all our sessions include orgasmic happy endings. This can be a valueable session so you can learn how to last as long as possible! we will guide you step by step within your session, includes fully nude girl massaging you.

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The Tantric nuru session is the most popular session in London tantric massage. Both you and the girl, fully naked, your goddess will use her naked body to body slide in our luxury nuru gel, slippery sensual, best sensual nuru massage you can get!

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Our tantric massage can combine with the prostate massage, we use lube and gloves, to make this sensitive area a beautifull experience, the prostate can benefit from stimulation and improve circulation, whilst silky lube gives most comfort, and sheer excitement, some men find it very exciting! and can give rise to more powerfull orgasm, orgasmic relief is included

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The sexual life energy focussed in the sacral chakra is brought into strong vibrations and distributed over the entire body.

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Our sensual massage London offering a complete and balancing relaxation or a whole body orgasm, this type of massage can be used in sex therapy.

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Tantra massages can help to reduce physical and emotional blockages after negative sexual experiences (abortion, rape) and return to a fulfilled sex life.


Tantra Pleasure

GBP120 / h
Tantra Ritual
Body to body Tantra
Pleasure Lingam massage

Tantric Prostate bliss

GBP120 / h
Prostate Tantra Ritual
Prostate massage
Happy ending

Tantric Nuru Ecstasy

GBP140 / h
Loving Touch
Slippery Nuru Body to body
Esctasy explosive

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